Eye condition treatment in Gloucestershire



Ophthalmology Teams working in Gloucestershire Hospitals.

Prof Peter Scanlon has provided GETT with information about five specialist teams working with the Ophthalmology Department of Gloucestershire Hospitals. Below is a summary of their work. Full details can be accessed on application to the GETT Administrator.
The Gloucestershire Diabetic Eye Screening Programme (GDESP) was established in 1998. Patients over the age of 12 with diabetes are eligible for screening. 39,500 patients are registered with GDESP. There are three pathways to the programme – routine digital retinal screening, frequent monitoring, and slit-lamp examination of the retina

The Gloucestershire Retinal Research Group (GRRG) was established in 2010 and currently employs 13 staff, and between 2017-22 generated an income of £2.27million. It has reviewed conference abstracts, publications and has supervised PhD students among others. GRRG has links with similar NHS and European groups.

The Gloucestershire Retinal Education Group (GREG) was established in 2006 and now offers University and in-house courses all based on-line, available 24/7 for the UK and overseas ophthalmologists. The course is currently (2022) training 517, and 1810 have completed the training including 207 Chinese.

The Ophthalmic Imaging Department provides high quality diagnostic imaging for research services across Gloucestershire. The high-quality data hub is paperless. The Community Ophthalmic Link allows all 68 community optometric practices in Gloucestershire access to Imaging records. This collaborative eyecare is the first of its kind in England.

Medical Photography Service provides clinical recording for records, teaching and publication. 5 clinical photographers see around 3000 patients per year across many specialities including Ophthalmology.